Designer, Innovator and Strategist

An innovative design-thinker with a curiosity for understanding the crossroads of people, business, brand and technology. A forward-thinking creative leader, combined with proven ‘hands-on’ design expertise. Changing the world through digital experiences by drawing on my background in design and technology. Pushed creative boundaries and explored new horizons by helping startups scale and established organizations grow by design.

In 2015, I joined State Farm as a consultant to usher in “disruptive innovation” in the UX Center of Excellence. This evolved into helping lead a larger enterprise digital transformation effort, designed to innovate around a better overall customer experience. This led to exploration in the areas of industry-leading user-centered design solutions.

In 2012, I joined Make & Build as it’s first head of UX. My job was to help leverage the full power of design coupled with the immense in-house development talent to drive growth. I established a foundation of UX and design that is still reflected today.

Prior to my more recent experiences, I also led digital creative direction and experience at Corfire, which was one of the the first companies to partner with Google on the mobile wallet initiative. I helped Vodafone, Dunkin Donuts and other Fortune 500 brands transform into mobile payments / commerce companies.

I have also worked with startups, advertising agencies and entertainment brands in consulting roles including Ogilvy (Holiday Inn, Hauwei), Yalo! (Jabil, Arcserve and Plante Moran) as well as Turner (CNN, NBA and NCAA). I started my career designing scalable experiences for big brands at IBM.

I am also experienced with research, usability testing and coding front-end (HTML/CSS/Javascript) UI.

UX Hybrid

I approach experience design with simplicity and flexibility. A modular approach makes it easier to maintain consistency while simplifying processes. Clear, simple, and intuitive. Human-centered design (HCD) creates new solutions to challenges by integrating the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.



  • Managed multidisciplinary design and development teams including disciplines in brand, product and experience design
  • Implementation of design thinking across the organization
  • Supported business development
  • Relationship builder, presenter, consultant, influencer and advocate and practical organizational planner.

Creative Leadership

  • Managed concept, direction and design development
  • Motivator, mentor and driver
  • Established standards and maintained company culture
  • Excellent creative leadership and communication skills with internal and external stakeholders

UX Strategy

  • Collaboration with engineering, product management, and functional leader.

  • Lead team of UX architects, designers and content strategist to translate and develop requirements into customer journeys, user / interaction flows, wireframs and UI layouts.

  • Analysis of performance data reporting to measure the impact of user decisions and develop a broad picture of opportunities and future improvements.
  • Conduct competitive industry research to identify and propose industry-leading opportunities