Highlighting opportunities, strengths and areas for improvement for a great brand experience.



Usability Research

Teavana set out to understand how to improve and optimize conversion rates, usability along with consumer’s behaviors and expectations. The usability study focused on eCommerce, user experience, design and information architecture. Over a period of two days, fifteen participants engaged in an long form insightful discussions identifying pain points, areas for quick wins, as well as more ambitious goals.

Glaring Opportunities

Through the course of the usability testing, participants were vocal in their likes and dislikes of the overall experience. Major stakeholders were present to witness usability challenges firsthand. Users were tasked with basic and complex challenges in navigating the experience to replicate shopping patterns, researching and understanding how to use Teavana’s products, as well as obscure customer journeys intended to highlight major areas for improvement.

A Plan for Action

The study concluded with a 50 page presentation which included quantitative and qualitative data, along with proposals and recommendations for future releases.

Teavana has since re-branded and activated an updated experience.

Andy is a talented professional that would be a great asset to any company.

Rick Crow, CSPO, PMP
Product Manager