Intelligent design for innovation


Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Jabil is a supply chain management and electronic manufacturing partner providing customers with intelligently designed global supply chains and product development across a broad range of industries. The Blue Sky Center is an innovation showcase located in San Jose displaying some of the world’s cutting-edge technologies such as factory-of-the-future capabilities like automation, as well as product design, intelligent digital supply chain, the Internet of Things and more.

In-house Startup

Working as an extension of their team to develop the experiential design and content around not only the center’s online presence, but content for screens within the center and the design of the lab and kiosks within. The work was a huge feature of the center’s launch party, which hosted 800 people. Jabil has since provided over 275 tours to clients as a sales tool.


On a weekly basis, Jabil delivers differentiated content to its customers throughout the world at conferences, sales meetings and events at their Blue Sky Center. The success of the overall strategy fostered a deeper relationship for related experiential and marketing needs including events, microsites, branding, marketing execution as well as social and traditional advertising (including Super Bowl print), sales presentations and sales collateral materials.