Bringing the mobile wallet to life


Customer Journey

Enterprise Mobile App

The mobile wallet is an ambitious shift in consumer behavior. As mobile devices are further woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, the physical is now becoming digital. In this case, currency. The mobile wallet aims to allow the consumer the ability to pay at a NFC-enabled terminal, redeem loyalty points and take advantage of coupons and promotions – all in a single tap. Starting with customer journeys, architecting user flows, graduating to wireframes and ultimately rapid prototyping helped achieve results faster.

Concept Through Development

For the Mobile Wallet to be successful for busy, on-the-go users, the experience was key: making a payment had to be simple and swift. After honing and refining detailed scenarios, close work with the development team helped to make sure the product felt just right.

Pay and Go

Tasks can range from the routine to the complex, but challenging user flows and extraneous steps slow down the process and adversely affect the user experience. Payment needed to be as simple as a tap, along with similar tasks to track payments, loyalty points and redemptions.

Laying the Groundwork

Vodafone’s efforts to be the first to market for the Mobile Wallet offered a glimpse into the future. M-commerce – which encompasses mobile banking, such as checking balances or paying bills over a smartphone, plus using coupons, promotions, gift cards, loyalty points and more – is poised to drive huge changes in the way we shop for goods and services.

Customer Journey
User Interface Design
User Flow Wireframes
NFC Payment