New SaaS platform provides increased efficiency, improved usability and deeper insights for key decision makers.


Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Equipment Watch’s premium platform provides current data for heavy equipment to help inform buying, selling and ownership decisions. Over the years the platform evolved in data richness, but lagged in user experience and design. The product matrix was also shifting with input from their most vocal customers. Created was an entirely new experience featuring a streamlined architecture, improved personalization, product styling, and the introduction of data visualization.

Benchmarking Intelligence

For starters, a data strategy was developed that informed the UX and design. This allowed for an overhaul of the site’s purchase funnel, resulting in an immediate increase in mobile engagement, and sales. The visual design of the branded experience was also important. In order to ensure that users felt they were getting the same premium experience across all devices, seamlessly connecting the experience across all platforms.

Perfecting the Product

Due to the fact that the combination of the data and experience optimizations were so incredibly successful, Equipment Watch utilized the site as a base template for creating an international flagship presence.

Decisions in the equipment industry are being increasingly driven by data and intelligence. We’re excited to see the competitive edge our platform can deliver to our thousands of customers.

Garrett Schemmel
Vice President